Giorgio Laveri

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Giorgio Laveri, a playful and irreverent ceramist, desecrating the aesthetic plastic, has created some “giant” works for this exhibition, leitmotif of his work.
For some time, Giorgio Laveri has maintained his focus on the trades and common objects from the urban reality that surrounds him. Through an enlarged and enhanced reproduction, using the charm of ceramic glazes he gives them a new dignity. Inflated, assembled, and re-interpreted items allow the artist to cross the daily barrier and celebrate the familiar that goes unnoticed.

In this sense, the significant challenge of the magnified objects that seems, at first sight, caused by references to dadaism of Duchamp rather than the extraterritoriality of the sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and the different facets of the nouveaux realistes, becomes for Giorgio Laveri the attempt to combine two opposites: on one hand to put the magnifying glass on the quotidian in its most common and obvious meaning, on the other one to make it non-conventional, to place it in the spotlight.
Each item considered becomes for Laveri a tool of communication, more specifically a sensual communication: the subject, rather than something important in itself, is a means to engage and attract the attention of the viewer. It is the desire to touch and to be touched that interests the artist, which emphasizes the presence of ordinary consumer goods to make them great through the use of an extremely sensual material like ceramics.
Glamour, seduction, tactility are all elements that blend together in the ceramic works of Laveri who never misses the opportunity to mock and provoke the viewer.


Giorgio Laveri was born in Savona. After the professional formation studies on the television direction, he collaborates with Salvatore Passarella and paints a Murales series on the condition of the Chilean people after the coup of 1972 (Milano, Roma, Brescia, Vicenza)

In 1973 prepares the first one man show to the Genova Vultur gallery and founds with Nando Anerdi of the Derby Of Milan the theatrical group “Rosacroce”.

After a series of cooperations with various Cinematography Productions, turns his first cortometraggio “The Sleeping Beautyin the wood ” inserted in a satirical show-theatrical of which is also author. Since 1974 he has professionally dedicated to the cinema and the theatre. He writes and realizes 11 theatre pieces and 19 short film including “Scommessa di un matrimonio”, which wins the prize of the criticism to the festival “cinema at home” of Rome. He plans and he prepares for the Flaminio theatre a theatrical show and begins a cooperation with the Switzerland television.

At the same time he activates a piece of research on the bound artistic expression to the ceramics and the cinema. Numerous the personal shows on these themes which prepares to the beginnings of the 1980s with catalogues of Giorgio Dibitonto, Silvia Broggi, Marco Casiraghi, Brasilia Pellegrinelli.

1981, Cabin Well Art Gallery, Albisola

1982, Modern Interarte Art Gallery, Milan

1983, Art Albanian Gallery, Vicenza

1984, Homo Sapiens Gallery, Savona

In 1985 he realizes a line made of ceramics for the office to “cinematography” theme and the Banque National de Paris organizes a show of his in “the room of the four columns” in the Milan place of business. In 1986 it is born “Cineceramica” which is presented for the first time to the Eolie islands in cinematography opportunity of the celebrations of the 80 years of the Titanus that he assumes the sponsorship together to the Sicily area.

The world of the image and the movement “stopped” in ceramics, become an itinerant event. “Photograms in ceramics” drawn by big films compose this show which is presented also to Trani, Albisola and Milan in the cathedral gallery in occasion of the prizegiving of the winning films in (1988). Cineceramica is reviewed by all the national headers and the RAI is responsible for the event with two special on TG1 and TG3.

At the end of the 1980s the first of the numerous Ceramica-Luce-Movimento experimentations “Delitto in Cineceramica” is born. A theatrical pièce presented in national preview to the Theatrical Festival of Borgio Verezzi. Actors and ceramics interact on the stage with a luminous choreography. Parallely to the event, proposed in several Italian towns, a show composed by bound big format works to his theatrical activity is presented. In 1993 he adheres to the French Art Mobil group a series of events in Italy and France plans with. He still signs with Patrick Moya and Veronique Champollion the first part of Show Of The Mediterranean Artistic Movement in evolution. He takes part in a series of international events between which:

1993, Environment Art, Monumental Complex Of The Savona Priamar

1994, Nouvelle Ecole de Nice, Nizza and Montpellier

1995 Ceramics and draws, Union Swiss Agno Banks, Lugano

In 1996 he founds with the Mental Genova Health Department, the “Magician’s Garden” with which a very large series of bound jobs are produced to the experimentation theatrical, cinematography and pictorial.

In 1997 he presents a new series of jobs in ceramics in the seat of the Banque National de Paris to Montecarlo (catalogue with critical Milena Milani text) and in ’98 realizes two works for the merchandise of the show “Tribute to Picasso” at “Palazzo Grassi” in Venice



Among the most recent: “Speech to develop ” one man show, Galerie A.I.A.P Montecarlo and Galerie Art 7 Nice

“Ceramique et cinema ” one man show, Naval Chantier, Antibes


” Well I is “! Performances with ties made of cloth installed on palaces to Savona (Nautical Club) and Genoa (ex psychiatric hospital)

“Art Jonction”, Nizza (performances made of Raku ceramics)

“Nissa-Sanna” “Mobile art exchange” with performances, Nizza and Savona


“Albisola-Nizza” to care of Riccardo Zelatore, Museum of contemporary art-Albisola and Galerie Art 7, Nizza

“Mediterranèe hic et nunc” Salon des Arts Contemporaine de Munich, catalogue to Frederic Altmann care


“Recent works” one man show in Genoa to Rotta Gallery; Bologna, Catus Gallery and Loano, Merchionne Gallery. Catologues to Riccardo Zelatore care.


“Mediterranean” Muses Gallery, Hong Kong catalogue to Yiu Wah Leung care

“The art et the euro ” collective international, Caisse of Epargne Francais, Nizza-Tolone-Paris, catalogue to Jean Merelle care


“Third fire ” three artists interpret the ceramic, Valente Contemporary Art Gallery, Finale Ligure, catalogue to Riccardo Zelatore care

“Laverìs Pictures” La Palette Gallery and Muses Gallery, Hong Kong

“Albisola Futurist” Modern Art Civic Gallarate Gallery and Monumental Complex of the Priamar in Savona, catalogue to care of Riccardo Zelatore

“Recent works”, Artigny St Mas. Paul de Vence (Cannes)

“Filmaker” to care of the cultural department of Hong Kong, Taikoo Place-Hong Kong


“Finale Collections” Chiostri di Santa Caterina Oratorio de’ Disciplinati, Comune di Finale Ligure

“Il Marchesato ritrovato. Aleramo, un albero venti autori” Teatro Aicardi, Comune di Finale Ligure

“Truka” one man show to Miart 2004 with catalogue to Riccardo Zelatore care.


Rouge-à-levres et Stylos plumes” solo exhibition at Galerie Ferrero, Nice and “Cinema and Ceramics” by the Galleria Gagliardi, at the Taormina Film Festival
In the same year organizes an international conference on ceramic research related to Mediterranean places.He works with Patrick Moya in the final draft of the Manifesto of Ceramics Mediterranean and soon after organized in collaboration with Guillaume Aral, director of Galerie Ferrero, a large collective with other artists of the Movement Mediterranean at the Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice and at the Gallery of Vintage Spotorno (sv) by Enrico Citriniti.

St’Art2005” Strasbourg with Valente Gallery Finale Ligure (SV)


It is installed in a square in Seoul, Korea, a giant Truka” glazed ceramic, and was inaugurated in September, the major exhibition Game Room” at the Galleria Rossovermiglio, Padova.


national premiere at the Teatro Palladium in Rome the movie “Metabar” which he wrote and directed. It will be presented later in various Italian cities through the circuits D’Essai.
Villa Mazzotti, Chiari (BS) Clear and Smartby Ilaria Bigotti Colossi Gallery (BS)


Personal EffectsTerre D’Art Gallery of Turin followed by the installation Ceramic Film: 8-1/2 Federico Fellini ” Artefiera Bologna by the art dealer Mario Valente who always took care of his work.
In October 2008 he made “I had a dream,” the last film in the trilogy of the marginalization of the individual laboratories PratozaninoCogoleto.

Presents a large sculpture at the Renoir Museum in Cagnes sur Mer, while in November it has some new works in St Art Strasbourg with the Studiò Gallery, Milan and Dir’Arte Modica.


Elegia del quotidiano” at Valente Contemporary Art Gallery, Finale Ligure (SV) and “Ciakceramica at Galleria C.A.O.S. Rome by Marzia Bistolfi.

Laveri fait son cinèma” at Galerie Le Studiolo, Paris.

Contemporanea” collective exhibition at Terre d’Arte Galleri, Turin with Lodola, Marsiglia e Nespolo.


Is published the big monograph Sculpture for the game, sculptur for real” by Riccardo Zelatore and opens the exhibition of the same title at the BAF of Bergamo in collaboration witj the Colossi Gallery of Brescia.
Giorgio Laveri” by Anty Pansera at Terre Art Gallery Turin
Giorgio Laveri Home DesignSpaziostrato, Milano by M. Parodi and R. Zelatore during the Salone del Mobile of Milano
Faites vos jeuxGalerie Ferrero Nice by Guillaume Aral
Giorgio Laveri” municipality of Castellamonte (To) by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco

la route de la céramique vue par trois artistes contemporains at Galerie Shimoni, Mets with Patrick Moya et Jacky Coville.

Participates in St’Art 2010 Strasbourg, AAF Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles, BAF Bergamo Art Fair


Silent Movie” at MAC Gallery, Gallerate (VA) by Paolo Mazzucchelli

Salon Internatione de la Mèditerranèe Atibes with Studio Gallery, Milan.

Is in the jury of “57° Premio Faenza” international competition of the art ceramic

Aix en Oeuvres” by Andrea Ferreol at Aix-en-provance.


The work “Amarcord” received an mention of Honor by the jury of Fabbri’s prize “A century and 7″ by Alberto Agazzani.

Una tira l’altra” by Paolo Mazzucchelli, installation at Sheraton Diana Mejestic, Milano. Joins the collective at Galerie Ferrero Cougourdon d’Artistes” and the national premiere of his last film “I had a Dream” exits at Cinema Apollo in Rome.


Céramique ou porcelaine ? Photo ou sculpture ?”, Galerie Eric & Valérie Galea, Isle Sur La Sorgue, France

Red Dot Art Fair, Miami – personal Exhibition


The Italian Wave” IAGA Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

La ceramica che cambia. La scultura ceramica in Italia dal secondo dopoguerra. Da Fontana a Leoncillo, da Melotti a Ontani” Museo Internazionale della Ceramica di Faenza.

Avant Première” Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse, France

Tessere. Giorgio Laveri, opere 1972-2014” personal exhibition at Chiostri di San Barnaba, Societa Umanitaria, Milan

Ciliegiotto”, perfomance and installation at Caffé Pedrocchi, Padua


…e non c’è niente da capire” personal exhibition at Colossi Arte Contemporanea, Brescia

Objects and people” Galleria Plus Aste Puls, Rome

Macroscope” personal exhibition at Armanda Gori Arte, Pietrasanta.

Coupe de Théatre”, personal exhibition at 28/10 Art Gallery, Alessandria


Truka”, persona exhibition at Cinzia Rocca Store, Milano for the internationa exhibition of Salone del Mobile, Milano

Award Winner of “Antica Arte dei Vasai” VIII edition, Nobile Contrada del Nicchio, Siena.

Quiero hablar sin Imposiciones ni Limitaciones” theatrical representation at Espacio Memoria ex ESMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina and at Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Santiago, Chile. Written and directed by Giorgio Laveri