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  • Giorgio Laveri

    Giorgio Laveri BOOMBOOM

    Giorgio Laveri, a playful and irreverent ceramist, desecrating the aesthetic plastic, has created some “giant” works for this exhibition, leitmotif of his work. For some time, Giorgio Laveri has maintained his focus on the trades and common objects from the urban reality that surrounds him. Through an enlarged and enhanced reproduction, using the charm of […]

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  • Fabrizio Dusi

    Contex art catalogo per stampa 2017

    FABRIZIO DUSI Born in Sondrio in 1974, graduated in 1993 from Art School, he after graduated also as webdesigner. In 2003 he started to attend the course of ceramic at Cova School in Milan. In 2005 he opened his artistic laboratory in Milan. Exhibitions 2016 personal exhibition “Classic Lovers” at Galleria Melesi, Lecco 2016 collective […]