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  • Giorgio Laveri

    Giorgio Laveri BOOMBOOM

    Giorgio Laveri, a playful and irreverent ceramist, desecrating the aesthetic plastic, has created some “giant” works for this exhibition, leitmotif of his work. For some time, Giorgio Laveri has maintained his focus on the trades and common objects from the urban reality that surrounds him. Through an enlarged and enhanced reproduction, using the charm of […]

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  • Paolo Manazza

    2017-04-15 12.05.45

    Paolo Manazza   Born in Milan in 1959, Paolo Manazza has studied Theoretical Philosophy at University Statale of Milan. Today he is an all-round intellectual in the visual arts field. Painter and well-known journalist, he is also author of philosophic and critical essays; amongst these his last work is “On art purposes after September 11” […]